Watch us dissect Polkadot’s parachain testnet template with one of Monk’s earliest fans and adopters.

We are kicking off Monk Stack Hacks with one of our most prolific template publishers, Eliott Teissonniere — blockchain superstar engineer and entrepreneur… and self-proclaimed Terraform PTSD survivor (but that’s a story for another day).

Watch Episode 1 live on Tuesday 6 April on YouTube and let Eliott tell you how and why he used Monk to build a local Polkadot Rococo Parachain Testnet that you can deploy in minutes on your infra of choice.

Meet Eliott Teissonniere 🇫🇷🍷

A Parisian with quite the foothold in Silicon Valley, Eliott is a world-class blockchain expert and advocate. He’s most passionate about the Parity and Polkadot…

Learn all things infrastructure from expert Monk template publishers.

All-new S01E01 is coming to your color TV, only on MonkNetwork™ (actually, on YouTube)

A few weeks back we launched our publisher program, and now we can’t wait for you to meet the amazing developers who build, share and maintain stack templates on Monk Hub.

For the record, Monk templates are full system blueprints (containers + infra and configuration in one) that you can plug-and-play on any cloud or bare metal just as you would launch an app, saving a bunch of time, sanity and custom work.

In honor of our template publishers, we’re launching Monk Stack Hacks, a video series in which we introduce them, showcase their templates, and explore the good, the…

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